Two-part video campaign

“Asrar el Nagah” or “Secrets to Success” is Zilzal’s ironic take on some of the gender roles imposed on women in Egypt and the Middle East. The two-part video series addresses some of the pre and post-marital pressures that are widely experienced by women in the region.

Creative: Jannah Rizk , Amina El-Sheikh
Director: Zeina Aref
Writer: Youssef El-Sheikh
Art Direction: Zeina Aref , Youssef El Sayed
DP: Zeina Aref
Editor: Zeina Aref
Styling: Youssef El Sayed
Music & Sound Design: Ramez Naguib
Colorist: Seif Ragheb, Barbershop
Cast: Nourine Abouseada, Laila Yacoub
Graphics & Illustrations: Jannah Rizk
Makeup: Diana Harby
Production: Jannah Rizk and Amina El-Sheikh